7181077141_e83479626a_oAn enormous thank you to all the readers past, present, and future of The Boom. I just heard it is entering its fifth printing, which is fantastic news.

I have no idea how many more hardcovers this means will be in circulation. Working on the render unto Caesar principle, I’ll leave that to the folks at Simon & Schuster.

IMG_3213Suffice to say, a bookish celebration was in order. My haul from a trip to a used and a new bookstore is on the right. From the bottom up, that’s a used copy of John Graves’ Goodbye to a River, a 1957 book that established him as “a giant in Texas letters and one of the nation’s more elegant prose stylists.” Also, I’m told, a must-read for anyone interested in environmental topics. Then there’s Jon Savage’s England’s Dreaming. I’ve read it before, but leant it to a friend and never expect it to be returned. Finally, Keith Richards’ Life. Why Life? Do I really need to answer that? I heard this song more than three decades ago at summer camp and have never been the same since.

Just finished Michael Faber’s Under the Skin and an advance copy of Steve LeVine’s forthcoming The Powerhouse, an inside look at the quest to built a better battery.

Here’s hoping Keith & Mr. Graves will keep me as well entertained as Michael & Steve.  

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