This is a Christmas Tree


This, folks, is a Christmas tree (left). It’s an oilfield Christmas tree, a set of valves atop a well that controls the fluids.

Why bring this up? Because this could be a Christmas present. Or Hanukah. Sure, this is shameless marketing. But I got the idea from readers, several in fact, who mentioned they were buying the book for their father, or brother, in the energy business. So why not? Looking for a gift for the hard-to-shop-for relative? For that father, brother, sister or even mother in the energy business. For that father-in-law who talks about getting the U.S. off foreign oil.  May I humbly suggest The Boom for that relative interested in energy — and all its discontents.

Thanks for your attention. This commercial will now end.

Except for this. Click here or here or here to buy.

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