Earth Day Reading

How did Texas come to lead the U.S. in wind power? Read on...

How the winds were harnessed.

USA Today celebrated Earth Day with a list of ten interesting and notable books that look at climate and energy.  The Boom is on the list, along with a fascinating book about the surprising rise of renewable energy in Texas. As you read the book, the success of wind seems more and more the product of tinkering and commonsense. (Late last month, Texas set a record by generating 10,296 megawatts 8:48 p.m. on March 26th. That was 29% of the grids power.)

The USA Today article deals with recent books. I would add a couple older books. A Sand County Almanac is worthy. Balancing energy and environment is a perennial challenge, and was captured well in Cadillac Desert. And as humans think about how to employ giant engineering projects to adapt to climate change, I hope that The Control of Nature does not go out of print.

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