The First Review & Bakken Photos

Gizmodo blogged about The Boom in what amounts to an early review. It’s premature, but I’ll take it anyway.

Gold’s book is an early must-read for 2014: it is both a thorough and fascinating examination of the fracking economy and the technological innovations that have made these new riches accessible (including the often catastrophic damage done in the process of obtaining them).

The whole post is here.

An oil train in North Dakota. Photo by Tristan Spinski (

Photo by Tristan Spinski (

The post also writes about a series of aerial photographs of the Bakken taken by Tristan Spinski. They are worth a look. They remind me a little of the photographer George Steinmetz.

Spinski’s Bakken photos are beautiful and eerie. They certainly present a nicer image of the oil boom than this photo of a BNSF train full of crude exploding.

Thanks, Gizmodo, for the kind review — but the book isn’t out for another couple months. So reviewers, wait for a bit. There’s no rush. April will be here before you know it.

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