Five Guys Bet on the Price of Oil

imgresScott Tong at NPR’s Marketplace did a great job reporting on a bet that “five oil nerds” made last year on the price of Brent crude. The bet wraps up at the end of the year.

Five guys (yes, all guys) spend most of their time thinking about energy and oil. Certainly the wisdom of crowds will come up with reasonable predictions and, smooshed together, will generate a smart forecast on the future price of oil. Well, not exactly.

I’m in second place right now, but I’ll need a nice $10 per barrel bounce to win the big prize: a few drinks and the admiration of my peers.

Here’s the address of the webpage with the Marketplace story and a link to download the interview with me, Steve Levine and Scott Tong.

We’ve made a new bet for the price of Brent at the end of 2016.

Let me know if you think $72.50 is in the ballpark.

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