A Pennsylvanian Shares Lessons Learned

Ralph Kisberg

Ralph Kisberg

One of the joys of book writing is meeting and getting to know many different people from many walks of life. One of the people I met and enjoyed getting to know while writing The Boom is Ralph Kisberg.

Ralph works with the Responsible Drilling Alliance in Williamsport, PA. He recently shared a guest blog post he wrote that’s worth a read. He distills his insights from fighting against fracking into eight lessons. Click here for the entire blog post. A couple excerpts.

Learn the rules:. By the time you are aware your area is threatened, the industry will have figured out your state’s laws and permitting processes, as well as how to exploit those rules and work toward getting more favorable legislation enacted. Get a clear understanding of how it all works from the state, local, and federal level as soon as you can. Learn the regulatory agency processes, legislative and rule making processes, and the role of local government. Then try not to get overwhelmed by just how well the road has been paved for what you don’t want to happen and get involved in those processes.

Course I was happy that he urged people to “Read Russell Gold’s ‘The Boom‘ for knowledge of the history, problems and benefits of shale resource development.”

Cheers Ralph.

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