Rough Guide to Frackistan


Great story on my book in the current Texas Monthly. (Click here for a link.) And a great headline — Rough Guide to Frackistan. A quick excerpt:

Russell Gold’s The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World (Simon and Schuster) tells not only a good story but one so rich in ironies and paradoxes that it’s easy to see why popular culture and the chattering class have yet to digest it. As the Austin-based senior energy reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Gold was an eyewitness to most of this revolution, and he interlaces his narrative of technological breakthroughs, financial shenanigans, and environmental conundrums with illuminating scenes from a beat reporter’s notebook. Few people in the oil and gas business, much less journalists and politicians, saw the boom coming. Yet over the course of a few years, a “collaboration between shale drillers, millions of landowners, and Wall Street moneymen created a national energy policy.” How that happened is both a revelatory and a cautionary tale.

And with that, we here in Texas bid TexMo’s editor Jake Silverstein a fond farewell and best of luck in that city and that magazine to the east. Here’s a quote he gave to New York Times when it announced he was incoming: “Texas is a place in which people have independence and huge ambitions of what they’re going to do in the world,” he said. “And that describes the platonic ideal of New York as well.”

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