Tom Steyer, Coal and the Road to Damascus

9362631_1280x720There’s a long, interesting article in the New York Times from a couple days ago on Tom Steyer. It runs about 1,800 words, so I’ll give you the precis. Mr. Steyer is a preeminent climate hawk, the anti-Koch Brother, and “the most influential environmentalist in American politics.” But while he was running (helping run) Farallon Capital Management, the fund invested in long-lived coal mines. So even though Mr. Steyer has distanced himself from the fund, his past actions will contribute to climate change for years into the future.

One problem with the article. It doesn’t quote Mr. Steyer. It quotes a NextGen Climate spokeswoman, who argues that major global funds such as Farallon “are by definition invested in every sector of the economy.”

Is that because Mr. Steyer declined to comment? Maybe. But Mr. Steyer has written about what he called his “version of a Paul on the Road to Damascus conversion.” It’s worth a read. The WashPo also had an article on this issue. You can read that here.

So, is Mr. Steyer a hyprcrite? Grist says no. The GOP says yes.

I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to decide.

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