West Coasting…

At the Commonwealth Club in downtown San Francisco, left to right, Trevor Houser, Mark Zoback, me, and Greg Dalton.

At the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco

Had a good talk with Trevor Houser (Rhodium Group & Peterson Institute) and Mark Zoback (Stanford) about the energy boom and fracking at the Commonwealth Club in San Fransciso today. We agreed on a lot; next time we’ll have to get into on stage arguments. This will be podcast and aired at a later date.

Chatting with Evan Smith.

Chatting with Evan Smith

Also coming up, on May 1st, I believe: A 30-minute talk for Overheard with Evan Smith taped in Austin at KLRU studios. It was fun, can’t wait to see it on the air.

Meanwhile, I’m headed south from San Francisco to Santa Barbara for three days at ECO:nomics. I have on-stage interviews with four or five CEOs from oil, solar and utility companies.

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